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"Go further with Hiseas" -- The first annual event in EuropeBACK


The end of 2019 is approching, this the 9th year for Hiseas. " Go Further with Hiseas" is our first 2020 annual event which was held at Sursee, a beautiful city located at the food of the Alpes in Switzerland.



After years efforts and development, Hiseas has gradually expanded the destination resource, 

the number of employees has continued increaced, and the molecular companies and business scope have also gradually increased and expanded. 

To welcoming the new year, for the first time, Hiseas held their first annual event in Europe.


▶CEO of Hiseas International Tourism Group -- Mr. Duma Wang and The executive team

▶Member of European Parliament, Vice-chair of the Transport and Tourism Commitee --Dr. István Ujhelyi

The British Nature Education Fondation -- Mr. Cheng Bi

▶General manager of Atlas Hiseas -- Mr. Haicheng Wang and his team

▶General manager of Nodis holiday -- Ms. Weibin Wang and her team

▶Representative of Continental Tours

▶Represetative of Viva Trip

▶Operation director of british Hiseas -- Ms. Mango Li and her Purchasing team

▶Representative of Dolphin coach company -- Steve

▶General manager of Swiss Bella Vista Hotel Management Company -- Mr. Rui Zhou

▶Overseas business support team of Hiseas

▶Representative of HFC International River Cruise GmbH -- Ms. Tina

And our Hiseas' best partners:

▶Manager of Accor Switzerland -- Leo THOMAS

▶Sales director of Huatian Chinagora Hotel -- Sarah YU & Mélanie Wang

▶Group serveice director of Louvre Hotels -- Venilia BORREGO

▶Sales director fo Appart'City -- Michèle Baladou

▶Principal of E-bus -- Emil

▶Principal of JST -- Damian

▶Principal of Hotel Central am See -- Alexander Schütze

▶Principal of DFDS -- Mei-Kuan Shen Halkjaer 

Intercultural communication

Compared with previous years, the annual event this time has many new arrangements and contents this time.

Firstly, Hiseas invited Mr. Dan Bass who comes from a well-known american training institution to trianing employees about the intercultural communication.


After letting eveyone knows each other quikly through the interesting "Ice-breaking" activity, Mr. Dan explained the theories of "intercultural communication" by many excellent cases and group discussions, which is very unforgettable trainning experience for every parcitipant.


Gain and go further

Every year's achievement can't be existed without eveyone's efforts. 2019 is a hard year for Hiseas, but also a year of growing. 

Based on previous accumulations, Altals -- a Hiseas company has enriched the type of products and services. 

And Hiseas set up a new destination management company -- Viva Travel, to strenthen the control of resources in Spain.





Technology leads the new travel mode


The operation of destination and the management of resource is what Hiseas proud of.


After years' hard work and accumulation, Hiseas is at the leading position in the tourism industry in China and even in Asia. However, with the rapid development of times, it is far from enough to manage the basic business.

During the event, the CEO of Hiseas International Tourism Group, Mr. Duma Wang talked about some new topics, like " the technology in tourism" , "to develop some value-added services in tourism", use the thechnology to create some innovations. At the same time,  the HERP system version 3.5 (Hiseas has the intellectual property) will put into use after test. In the next five years, a new Hiseas will appear to the public

Long journey, we always have partners

How hard the way is, how confident we are. During the development of Hiseas, we nerver forget our belief and our original intention.

We obtained a lot of like-minded friends, and also many supports and helps.


During the event, Dr. István Ujhelyi, our old friend, said: "It's happy to join in Hiseas annual event again, and I'm very pleased to witness the progress for Hiseas."


        In 2017, Hiseas become the first company who is in all the three tourism association in Europe

And also signed strategic agreements with some official tourism institutions in Europe

Mr. Bi Cheng, from The British Nature Education Fondation, also came to our event. Mr. Bi gave his full affirmation to Hiseas.


Then, the representatives of Louvre Hotels Group and Accor Hotels expressed their feelings and thoughts as Hiseas International Tourism Group's best partner.



Unforgettable moment

With the touch, the most important part of the annual event started " sign the agreement of commitment for business performance“. Set goal and fight for it.

Following with the most exiting part of event -- award cerecemony, pushed the atmosphere to the climax.





On the other side of the earth, in this winter, Hiseas International Tourism Group's first European annual event was successufully ended.

Learning, communicating, sharing...... everyone may be immersed in every unforgettable moment.


The year of 2019 was filled with difficulties, and the future may not always favoring, but Hiseas can always face all the dufiicult with smile.