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"Go further with Hiseas" – Annual Conference in ChengduBACK

As 2020 coming soon, Annual conference of Hiseas International Tourism Group, “Go further with Hiseas”, is held in Chengdu! There are more than 300 people from various functional centers, subsidiary company, branch offices at home and abroad, as well as many guests, institutional representatives and partners. They gathered in Chengdu to review the growth and harvest of Hiseas in 2019 and look forward to the development plan of 2020.

Gain and Go Further

The design of this annual conference is also ingenious. Ms. Chen Qiutong, one of the founders of Hiseas, acted as the host of the meeting. She revealed her feelings about Hiseas, which everyone felt the growth of Hiseas for nearly ten years as well.

With the New Year coming, Hiseas has new goals and hopes. Mr. Wang Wei, CEO of Hiseas, firstly appreciated the Legal Department, Sales Department and other colleagues who have made outstanding contributions to Hiseas in the past year. Then, he analyzed the prospects of China's outbound travel, especially travel to Europe. Mr. Wang Wei expected everyone will face the difficulties and stand out. In 2020, hope and difficulties will coexist.

Over the past three years, Hiseas has advanced by leaps and bounds. During the next three years, Hiseas will still maintain rapid growth and strive to achieve the goal of doubling net profit by 2022.

To this end, Hiseas will make more efforts in many fields such as overseas destinations and increasing other Asian countries' guests. Meanwhile, Hiseas will focus on enhancing organization and talent protection and cultivating professional and general talents, which will help Hiseas to become an international leading expert in tourism destination management in the future!

2019 is a difficult year, but it’s also a rewarding year. Mr. Huang Zheng, vice general manager of Hiseas, made a business summary of 2019, and awarded the outstanding gourps and individuals who worked hard and contributed to Hiseas during the past year.

Mr. Wang Wei with executives, presented the awards to the best sales team, annual leap award, best sellers, best support team, best operation team, outstanding staff, best internal trainer and other awards. He fully affirmed the hard work and excellent achievements achieved in the past year, and at the same time inspired everyone present to work harder in future work and life.

Pressure is also the motivation. The sales team of Hiseas is a powerful team. Each year, they sign the "the agreement of commitment for business performance", with heavy tasks and expectations. In the coming year, we will still strive for our goals and contribute the greatest strength to the development!

New Journey-with Hiseas

During the party of annual event, various functional centers and offices of the company actively prepared creative and interesting performance to bring audience a wonderful audiovisual feast. From passionate choruses, to affectionate poetry recitations, from vibrant dances, to peaceful and gentle yoga, from elegant tea art performances, to lively dragon and lion dances ...

Each performance shows the different styles of Hiseas. And the raffle section with fun games motivated the atmosphere of the party.

The year of 2019 was filled with difficulties, and the future may not always favoring, but Hiseas can always face all the difficult with smile.