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China Inbound Business Tour!BACK

We recently hosted a delegation from the EU-China One Belt One Road Culture Education Tourism and Economic Development Committee to conduct an 8-day business tour to China.

The delegation is led by President Mr. István Ujhelyi, joined by Mr. WANG Sihao, China Affairs Advisor of Mr. István Ujhelyi, Mr. Marek Novak, Member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament, Dr. Pavel Martinik, Advisor of Mr. Marek Novak, and Mr. Miloš Vojtíšek, Managing Director of CEDES Group.

Over the tour, we've arranged diverse destinations and provided effective connections with targeted industry associations and institutions for the delegation.


· Visiting Sichuan NGO Network for International Exchanges

· VIP Meeting with the Commercial Association of Chengdu (CACD)


· A detailed tour of the National Big Data (Guizhou) Comprehensive Pilot Zone Exchange and Experience Center

· VIP Meeting with Guizhou International Culture Association


· Networking with Shenzhen Federation of Industry & Commerce

· Visiting Shenzhen Polytechnic University


· An insightful tour of Shanghai NIO International Business Headquarters

With a deep understanding of local business practices and strong connections across various industries, our professional team is adept at orchestrating seamless and productive business visits to China, whether it's arranging high-level meetings or coordinating site visits.

Leveraging our extensive network of business and governmental resources in China makes us the ideal partner for organizing top-tier business visits to this dynamic and rapidly evolving market.